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Full-time and part-time programs available


Caring for children ages 18 mos.  to 6 years of age.





Toddler Care (18 mos.-3yrs) 

Through exploration, toddlers are beginning to discover their independence and developing their own ideas using trial, error, and repetition. Our toddler program creates a safe and encouraging environment where they can develop that independence and explore the world around them.

Early Preschool (3yrs-4yrs) 

At this age, your child’s world is full of fantasy and vivid imagination. By creating an atmosphere where exploration and creative play are not only encouraged but provided within the curriculum, your child will be grasping the preschool basics in no time creating a foundation to build on.




Pre-Kindergarten (4yrs-5yrs)

This program is designed to develop the range of academic and social skills necessary to confidently begin a Kindergarten program. By incorporating topics such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Social/Emotional development, your child will not only begin to strengthen their educational skills but will also develop the self-confidence needed to begin their educational adventure.

Kindergarten Enrichment 

This program provides for care for those enrolled in a Kindergarten program. Whether doing homework or at play, we meet children where their energy level and interests intersect. (We accommodate the Olentangy Kindergarten schedule).


Before and After School Care (Coming soon!)

Contact us for more details.

Summer Adventures (Elementary age students) 

Our Summer Adventures program provides school-age children with a variety of fun, exciting and educational summer activities. Our themed curriculum is jam-packed with arts and crafts, games, physical activities and much, much more. (limited availability)


Creative Curriculum For Toddlers and Two's


The Creative Curriculum® Toddlers & Twos includes research-based, high-quality resources that build off children’s natural curiosity and interests to promote hands-on investigative learning. Expanded Daily Resources for Twos introduces two-year-old children to hands-on study explorations, while still maintaining responsive routines and caregiving.


With Expanded Daily Resources, teachers and caregivers can engage children in studies of familiar topics, including containers, shoes, brushes, light, rocks, bags, clothes, seats, balls, and paper.

Creative Curriculum For Preschool


Research shows that a whole-child approach to education—one where children have opportunities to develop not only math and literacy skills but also social–emotional, physical, and cognitive skills—is developmentally appropriate and better prepares children for life well beyond their time in a classroom.


The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is one of the most widely used pre-K curricula in the nation. It’s comprehensive and research-based and features exploration and discovery as a way of learning.

Foundation volumes create high-quality learning environments and support a deep understanding of early childhood best practices, theories, and research. Robust Daily Resources provide the instructional tools and materials to engage children in project-based investigations and make every moment of the day meaningful, intentional, and engaging.

Enrichment Activities


Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication, and curriculum.

Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert-approved curriculum is age- appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition, we provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents.


Studies show that learning a second language as early as three can develop a child’s cognitive, social and communication skills and can play a key roll in their future academic success. Join us as we learn about the Hispanic culture and language. Lucy Caputo

Tumblin4kids is a mobile gymnastics and fitness program that brings AARST (age appropriate sports readiness training) to our center.